Rise Up! Bakery

Little Applegate, OR

This was a great project with some extra special people. Located on Full Bloom Farm in southern Oregon, This striking two story octagonal straw bale building is the home of Rise Up! Bakery, an old world artisan style bakery, that has quickly become the local favorite of many in the Rogue valley and beyond. The building features a commercial kitchen and dining area that is used by the families and friends that live on the farm. There are offices, a kid's play room, and a reading library on the second floor. The kitchen was designed around an epic wood fired baking oven that was imported from Europe and built on site, brick by brick, by European tradesmen. The building structure was engineered by Charles Greenwood of Takilma, OR and the building was brilliantly constructed, pole by pole, by the talented John DiFruscia and his crew. Thank you.

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