"Creativity is contagious...pass it on"   -  Albert Einstein 


Hello, My name is Chris Keefe. I arrived in Ashland Oregon in the summer of 2001 fresh out of graduate school where I received a Masters in Architecture at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. I started OrganicForms Design soon after and began working with my good friend Andrew Morrison on a multi-home straw bale project. Together, we have spent the past 15 years attempting to revolutionize the field of straw bale design and construction. We are not out to re-invent the wheel, the pioneers had set a very good foundation, rather we want to create a more simplified system of designing and building with straw bales that could be understood and obtainable by owner builders and professional builders. As you will witness if you work with me, my designs and construction plans speak for themselves and can be understood by both conventional and alternative minded enthusiasts. OrganicForms Design has completed over sixty straw bale structures in fifteen states and three continents.

I currently live in Ashland, OR with my wife and kids. In my spare time, My wife and I run a sweet little plant shop called Bestow & Bloom here in Ashland. Come say Hi. Life is good!