"Architecture is the frozen music - Music is the flowing architecture..."    - Goethe



Are you looking for an alternative to standard and conventional home design? We offer conventional necessities like site planning as well as a number of approaches that provide practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solutions to your needs.


Straw Bale ~ SIPS

ICF ~ Faswall

RastraBlock ~ Durisol

Light Straw Clay



Do you need your plan or design drawn professionally to obtain a building permit?  I can turn your sketches and ideas into professional construction plans, ready for engineering, or submittal to the building department for permitting.


Design Consultation

Clear, Easy to read Plans

Guaranteed to be Permitted



Do you already have a conventional design or floor plan in mind? Do you have a plan that you saw in a magazine or online website that really resonates with you?  You don't have to choose a straw bale, ICF or an alternative method specific plan.


Transform any design or plan

into professionally drawn

Straw Bale, ICF, Light Straw Clay plans.